Dental Fillings

What is a dental filling?

A dental filling is a procedure for repairing teeth damaged by cavities or decay. In some situations the tooth can lose enamel due to gum recession or overbrushing making a tooth sensitive, and a filling can help to relive the sensitivity. Lastly, composite (white filling) material which some refer to as "bonding" can be used for cosmetic dentistry, to improve the color and shape of teeth, or close spaces.

During a routine dental appointment, Dr. Safer can detect cavities and tooth decay. If detected, Dr. Safer will remove decayed material from the affected tooth, then clean the area. Next, he will fill the cavity with composite resin (tooth colored filling) or dental amalgam (silver filling). The filling material used will protect against bacteria, preventing further decay and sensitivity.

There are cases when a filling is insufficient to repair a cavity or remove tooth decay. In these situations an implant, bridge, root canal, or dental crown may be the required solution. By scheduling regular check-ups with our office, the doctor can detect any problems at an early stage, preventing the need for a more costly procedure.

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